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About Dr. Jay Hislop

Jay M. Hislop, DDS, JD, is a nationally known author, speaker, attorney, management consultant, and seminar leader who is dedicated to making the lives of dentists better and more successful.

* A former clinician, Jay practiced general dentistry for 20 years with an emphasis on comprehensive oral rehabilitation, perio-prosthetic restorative dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry before entering the dental management consulting business full time. He has served on the faculty of the L.D. Pankey Institute for Advanced Education and currently serves on the Pankey Foundation Board of Directors.

* Over the past decade, Jay has assisted hundreds of dentists to transform their practices from simply "a place to work" to financially successful and professionally rewarding practices. He is the owner and founder of ECHELON and designer of most of the systems and applications used in ECHELON's consulting approaches. Jay is the author of Designing Your Perfect Dental Practice: Foundations of Clinical Success, a best-selling dental management text. He is also the co-author of Life After Dentistry: What Are You Going to Do With Your Extra 30 Years?, a manual for designing and implementing a "life plan" for the period before "retiring" from active clinical practice as well as the next 30 or so years of the reader's expected life.

* Two of Jay's personal interests and areas of unique expertise are the fields of (1) dental practice entities and operations and (2) practice sales and transitions. He is a licensed attorney in part-time legal practice with the law firm of Mayall, Hurley, Knutsen, Smith, and Green, where he specializes in dental practice formation, corporations, partnerships, associate agreements, practice sales and purchases, and estate planning. Working with a dynamic team of partners and associates, Dr. Hislop's legal team provides a full scope of planning and legal services to serve the needs of dentist clients.

* Jay is a popular speaker at national, state, and local dental association meetings. He also conducts small seminars for study clubs and courses sponsored by the ECHELON Consulting Group, as well as leadership training and development workshops and retreats for association and component leaders. Jay also speaks on the subject of "Life After Dentistry," with Gordon Burgett.

For further information: call (800) 779-5049, email drjay@echelonconsultants.com, or see www.echelonconsultants.com

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