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Audio Workbook Series

Four audio programs, created by Marsha Freeman as the core of dental staff meetings. Each program includes a CD (two CDs with Psychology in the Dental Office) and workbook in three-ring binder format.

Each program, or all four, can convert your staff meetings into powerful, productive sessions. While they are designed for weekly or monthly meetings, they make valuable additions to your office reference library, and can also be listened to in your car, turning that commute into a productive seminar or meeting rehearsal. The workbook can also be copied for staff use. It's like having a consultant readily at hand at a fraction of the cost!

Internal Marketing coverInternal Marketing for Dentists:

Retain patients and increase referrals, discover and promote the "dazzle" in your service strategy, unlock your team creativity, discover the power of patient surveys, and much more.

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Dental Leadership coverDental Leadership by Design:

Discover what you, as a dentist, have in common with great leaders, and how to unleash your leadership potential. Learn the 10 daily habits that make a good leader, how to develop leadership in your staff, and more.

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Psychology coverPsychology in the Dental Office:

Deal with pain, fear, anxiety (your patients' and your own), establish trust and rapport, handle strange situations quickly and effectively, and how to respond, rather than react, to unusual behavior.

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Team Systems coverTeam Systems that Work for Dentists:

Implement team systems that blend the efforts of your team for maximum results. Learn how to use proven conflict resolution and problem-solving skills to write a team agreement that reinforces teamwork behaviors and decreases stress.

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