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Designing Your Perfect Dental Practice

PLEASE NOTE: This is currently Out Of Print. Check back soon for the downloadable version and updates regarding future availability.

Designing Your Perfect Dental Practice by Dr. Jay Hislop coverDr. Jay Hislop provides the design by which today's fee-for-service dentist can create their own perfect dental practice!

Designing Your Perfect Dental Practice: Foundations of Clinical Success shows how today's dentist can design their own future and establish a philosophy to make it come true. Then, aided by the 26 standard operating procedures the book describes, translate that philosophy into practical, usable business management solutions.

The result is an easy-to-read, straightforward guide as equally valuable to the recent graduate as the veteran looking to put their practice into prime, resalable form. Hislop involves the reader by telling the fictitious story of a fellow dentist, Steve, who is simply overwhelmed and seeing his practice and life approaching a crisis point. Steve is skillfully interwoven into the nonfiction material, adding insight and some levity to the immediately applicable text.

What other benefits can result from applying Hislop's guidelines?

More efficient operations, better patient outcomes, higher profits, reduction in malpractice risk, true quality control on referrals, clear communication between doctors and their staff, better staff relations, faster patient service, better patient compliance and retention, outstanding practice growth, peace of mind that the practice philosophy is understood and followed, no patients "lost to recall" or "lost to referral," an environment with which managed care can't compete, and increased referrals for specialists.

Dr. Jay Hislop's 304-page book:

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