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Life After Dentistry

Life After Dentistry by Dr. Jay Hislop and Gordon Burgett cover

Dr. Jay Hislop and Gordon Burgett's Life After Dentistry: What Are You Going to Do With Your Extra 30 Years? helps dentists at every stage of practice create their own life after dentistry strategy, then provides the tools to make that strategy come true.

In 256 information-packed pages, the authors help the reader create their own future life map, during dentistry and after. The book's straightforward information helps dentists (and their spouses) (1) review where they are now: skills, money, and health; (2) create a "Dream List," (3) prioritize and time-frame those dreams, (4) put them into doable action steps, (5) factor in the resources they have to fund them, and (6) put their resulting Action Plan into motion!

The book is primarily designed to be used by those in the 40-60 age bracket, but it's also an excellent life planning guide for anybody younger saving for their future or for seniors at any age. Its 28 forms, charts, and worksheets make the planning easy and fun.

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