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Get Paid for Your Services...

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Get Paid for Your Services by the Mosaic Group cover
GET PAID FOR YOUR SERVICES: Simple, Sensible Payment Arrangements That Work! by Debbie Castagna, Jody Catalanello, Pam Bringman-Gorrell, Virginia Stockinger Moore, and Linda Wooton Valencia (The MOSAIC Management Group)

To provide dentists with an easy-to-use, straightforward process that will glean 98% of their collections, the five consultant members of the MOSAIC Management Group (of San Francisco and Chicago) combined their in-office expertise to write GET PAID FOR YOUR SERVICES: Simple, Sensible Payment Arrangements That Work!

What are the benefits of solidifying your payment arrangements and SOPifying your collections process?
  • 98% collection rate
  • Higher case acceptance rate
  • Clear patient responsibilities regarding financial obligations
  • Healthier accounts receivable
  • Fewer "difficult" accounts and accounts sent to the collections agency
  • Improved cash flow

Additionally, the effects of your improved cash flow can ripple through your practice in the form of facility enhancements, better dental supplies, salary increases—for both you and your staff—and better employee benefits. Your written credit policy can be communicated with integrity and consideration so that your patients understand that their health is your priority. You will have consistent win-win payment arrangements that support your office credit guidelines.

With 35 SOPs included as editable files on the accompanying CD, customization couldn't be easier. As you read the book, identify a SOP for a specific task, find its counterpart on the CD and edit it to describe the way it's done in your office (or the way you want it done), print it, and replace it in the binder. Working from a model saves you hundreds of hours work! Plus, you can adapt the MOSAIC collection concepts to create a super collection process that leaves your patients pleased; your staff informed and consistently applying a sensible, straightforward system, and you PAID virtually every time FOR YOUR SERVICES!

The three-ring binder manual, with accompanying CD, costs only $100—less than one stray payment!—and is available now.

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Get Paid for Your Services... is now available in print and downloadable versions. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds for downloaded materials, but we will resolve any issues arising from technical difficulties of the download process. Because of this restriction, we strongly recommend that, before ordering the downloadable, you:

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Want more information? Click on the cover art above for the table of contents.

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