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Standard Marketing Procedures for All Dentists

Standard Marketing Procedures for all Dentists coverSections:

I. Strategic Planning
II. Setting Up for Success
III. Understanding Practice Marketing
IV. Internal Marketing Methods
V. Referrals
VI. External Marketing Methods
VII. Managed Care

Table of Contents of the Marketing SOPs and Illustrations

An * indicates a marketing SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). Those unmarked are illustrations, charts, graphic examples, or maps.

I. Strategic Planning

Physical Marketing Barriers Map, Dental Marketing Pyramid, Dental Marketing Methods Comparison Chart, Sample Practice Biography, Sample Budget for a New Dentist, Sample Budget for a Young Practice, Sample Budget for a Mature Practice, Blank Monthly Calendar and Budget Sheet

II. Setting Up for Success

Weekly New Patient Referral Tracking Sheet, Monthly New Patient Referral Tracking Sheet, Annual New Patient Referral Tracking Sheet, Primary Responsibility Marketing Chart, Marketing Job Description: Dentist, Marketing Job Description: Office Manager, Marketing Job Description: Dental Assistant, Marketing Job Description: Dental Hygienist, Marketing Job Description: Receptionist, Marketing Job Description: Practice Representative, ROI Dental Comparison Sheet, Blank Primary Responsibility Marketing Chart

III. Understanding Practice Marketing

Dental Marketing Methods Assignment Chart

IV. Internal Marketing Methods

Weekly New Patient Referral Tracking Sheet, In-House Patient Questionnaires, * Mailed Patient Questionnaires, Sample Questionnaires, * Recalls, Sample Recall Card,
* Reactivations, Sample Reactivation Letter, * Image Materials, Sample Stationery, More Sample Stationery, * "Welcome to the Practice" Letter, Sample "Welcome to the Practice" Letter, * 'Internal Signs, Sample Easel Sign, * Reception Area Biography, Sample Practice Biography, Practice Brochure Creative Worksheet, * Practice Brochure, * New Patient Orientation Kit, * Telemarketing Scripts for Front Office, * Recall Script, Reactivation Script Flow Chart, Reactivation Script, Scripts for Referrals, Missed Appointment Script, * Case Presentations/Case Acceptance, Case Presentations Script, * Sample New Patient Orientation Kit A, * Kit B

V. Referrals

* Patient Referral Program Overview, * Referrals: Asking the Right Way, Progressive Referral Thank Yous, Scripts for Referrals, · Using Outsider Cross-Promotions to Gain Referrals, Referral Gift-Giving Status Chart, * Three Types of Planned Referral Letters,
* Priority Referral Approach, Weekly Professional Referral Chart, Monthly Professional Referral Chart, Suggested Planned Referral Letter Calendar, Master Referral Action Planner: 6 Months

VI. External Marketing Methods

* 11 Steps to a Better Media Budget, * Campaign Theme, * Creating Your Own Campaign Theme, Sample Creative Strategy Worksheet A, Sample Creative Strategy Worksheet B, * Feature/Benefit Chart, Creative Strategy Worksheet, * Prioritizing Your Ad Messages for Maximum Effectiveness, * How to Find and Work with a Good Graphic Designer, * Copy and Layout, * Business Cards, Sample Business Card Layout, * External Signs, Sample External Sign, * Banners, Sample Banner, * Yellow Pages, Sample Yellow Pages Zip Code Map, Yellow Page Ad Formula, * Print Media, Print Ad Creative Worksheet, Sample Print Ad, * Free-Standing Inserts, Sample Free-Standing Inserts, * Cooperative Coupon Programs, Sample Cooperative Coupon, * Direct Mail, Sample New Resident Direct Mail Letter, Direct Mail Sample Marketing Budget, * Rules of the Game, * New Resident Direct Mail Strategy, Sample of Direct Mail Return Card,
* Publicity, * Using Speeches to Augment Your Public Image, Outline Guide for a Simple Speech, Sample Speech Outline, * Using Health Fairs and Mall Promotions, * Using Seminars to Attract New Patients, * Patient Appreciation Days, Sample News Release, Sample Article, * Radio and Television

VII. Marketing Under Managed Care

Managed Care Guideline, Marketing Guidesheet
* The Ultimate SOP, Sample Status Board

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