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Total Program: 910 pages (237 SOPs, 9 Performance Agreements and 91 forms and sample letters) in a 3-ring binder and on CD (as editable Microsoft Word files), complete with the SOPs Video Implementation Guide on DVD or VHS.

Standard Operating Procedures for Pediatric Dentists, 3rd ed.

The manual that started it all, updated and expanded for your modern practice

Standard Operating Procedures for Pediatric Dentists by Marsha Freeman is the most complete manual we've ever offered. Based on Marsha's SOPs for All Dentists, it has been pre-configured for pediatrics and includes over 30 new SOPs. Pediatric Dentists should buy this new manual instead of buying the 5th edition of SOPs for All Dentists and the Pediatric Supplement. (A new supplement will be available soon as a complement to SOPs for all Dentists that will include only the new material offered in this book.)

Easily customizable to reflect the needs and style of your practice; it can be quickly adapted to implement new policies and procedures and reflect changes to those already in place. It is divided into eight sections: Mission Statement, General Front Office, Bookkeeping and Data Entry, General Back Office, Hygiene, Management and Marketing, Performance Agreements, and Forms.

With 237 real-world SOPs included as editable files, it couldn’t be easier. As you read the book, identify a SOP for a specific task, go to the corresponding file and edit it to describe the way it’s done in your office (or the way you want it done), print it and place it in the binder—that is, your new Standard Operating Procedures manual! Working from a model saves you hundreds of hours work! You have unlimited permission to edit reproduce the contents of the book for in-house, noncommercial use.

With the accompanying Video Implementation Guide, on DVD or VHS, Marsha leads you and your team through the process. Designed to introduce and facilitate the necessary staff meetings, Marsha offers additional insight, tips and motivation for staying focused as you ‘SOPify’ your practice.

What’s in the box?

  • Standard Operating Procedures for Pediatric Dentists: 910-page 8 1/2 x 11” book in a three-ring binder (US standard configuration), with section tabs.
  • Standard Operating Procedures for Pediatric Dentists: complete text on CD, with each SOP as its own Microsoft Word file.
  • Video Implementation Guide (DVD or VHS): 80-minute program divided into seven meetings.
  • Unlimited permission to reproduce the contents of the book for in-house, noncommercial use.
  • A money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied if returned within 30 days.

Pediatric Dentists Total Program
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Standard Operating Procedures for Pediatric Dentists
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New Downloadable Versions!

Standard Operating Procedures for Pediatric Dentists is now available in print and downloadable versions. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds for downloaded materials, but we will resolve any issues arising from technical difficulties of the download process. Because of this restriction, we strongly recommend that, before ordering the downloadable, you:

Because we cannot offer the 83-minute video program as a download yet, we will ship, at no additional cost, your choice of VHS or DVD via USPS to domestic customers only. International customers purchasing the download version will be contacted via e-mail regarding the additional cost of shipping either the VHS or DVD.

Pediatric Dentists Total Program
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Standard Operating Procedures for Pediatric Dentists
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