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Standard Operating Procedures for All Dentists:

The Hygiene Department

Hygienist tools
In this Section you'll find SOPs addressing common Hygiene tasks such as:

  • Processing spore strips
  • Hygiene room preparation
  • Intraoral photos

At 127 pages, this section is an excellent guide for improving the standard of care provided by your hygiene department. From chart review to post-operative calls, these SOPs emphasize consistency and communication, streamlining your schedule and maximizing your team's workflow. All the SOPs are easily customizable (in Microsoft Word) to meet the unique needs of your practice.

With recently incoporated Strategic Planning material, this section now includes the information you need to 'SOPify' your hygiene department and see the effectiveness of Standard Operating Procedures in action in your office, with your staff.

Hygiene includes: 26 SOPs, 17 forms and 2 performance agreements in a three-ring binder with the complete text on CD as editable Microsoft Word files.

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The Hygiene Department section is now available in print and downloadable versions. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds for downloaded materials, but we will resolve any issues arising from technical difficulties of the download process. Because of this restriction, we strongly recommend that, before ordering the downloadable, you:

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Want more information? Click on the picture above for the Table of Contents PDF (Adobe Reader required, see below left for link).

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