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Standard Operating Procedures for Pediatric Dentists

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In this supplement, you find SOPs addressing common pediatric dental tasks such as:

  • Appointment Scheduling: Verbal Skills
  • Appointment Scheduling: New Patient
  • Letter to the Parents: Child's First Visit
  • Appointment Scheduling: Scheduling Emergencies
    Telephone Emergency Slip
  • Trauma: Clinical Evaluation Sheet
  • Appointment Scheduling: Periodic Coronal Polish and Oral Exam
  • Appointment Scheduling: Sealants
  • Appointment Scheduling: Restoratives
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Treatment Information Sheets: Stainless Steel Crowns, Pulpotomy
  • Appointment Scheduling: Bands and Impressions
  • Space Maintainers
  • Oral Sedation Guidelines: Parent Letter
  • Appointment Scheduling: Oral Sedation Verbal Skills
  • Appointment Scheduling: Oral Sedation
  • Oral Sedation Instructions for Your Child
  • Post-Operative Medication Instructions for Your Child
  • Scheduling: Ortho Extraction and X-Ray Orders
  • Appointment Scheduling: Hospital Cases (O.R's)
  • Hospital Scheduling Check List
  • Financial Information Sheet for Hospital Cases
  • Letter of Necessity for Dental Procedures Performed in
  • Hospital Under General Anesthesia
  • Hospital Admission Instructions
  • History and Physical for Hospital Dental Treatment
  • Confirming Hospital Cases
  • Patient Check In
  • Patient Check In: New PatientsMedical History Update
  • Educational Programs for Preschools
  • Promotional Letter to Preschools
  • Preschool Presentations
  • Special Words and Phrases for Kids
  • Child's First Visit
  • X-rays: Taking and Mounting
  • X-rays: Liability Release for Refusal of X-rays
  • Periodic Exam and Coronal Polish (PE)
  • Tray Setups: Stainless Steel Crowns
  • Micro Abrasion
  • Ortho 2 x 4 or 2 x 6: Tray Setup and Procedure
  • Extractions
  • Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen
  • Oral Sedation
  • Operating Room Assistant: Preparations

With 44 SOPs in a three-ring binder and the complete text on CD as editable Microsoft Word files, this supplement is an excellent guide for setting standards of care, service, and performance in your pediatric practice.

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The Pediatric Dentist's Supplement for SOPs for All Dentists is now available in print and downloadable versions. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds for downloaded materials, but we will resolve any issues arising from technical difficulties of the download process. Because of this restriction, we strongly recommend that, before ordering the downloadable, you:

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SOPs for Pediatric Dentists Third EditionClick the graphic to learn more about our new Third Edition of Standard Operating Procedures for Pediatric Dentists. More than the supplement below (which complements SOPs for all Dentists, 5th ed.), this new manual incorporates SOPs for all Dentists—adapted for the pediatric practice, including the SOPs in the supplement below—with new material: 910 pages total!

Owners of SOPs for All Dentists, 5th ed.: We are currently compiling the Supplement that will bring you up to date with this new edition of SOPs for Pediatric Dentists. It will include all significantly changed SOPs and all new SOPs, and will be available in both print and electronic versions as soon as possible. Owners of SOPs for Pediatric Dentists, 2nd ed. and SOPs for All Dentists, 4th ed. and earlier manuals should call for more information on upgrade pricing.

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