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Standard Operating Procedures Video Implementation Guide

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SOPs Video Implementation Guide on DVD:
(83 minutes)
Implementation Guide on VHS and DVD
The SOPs Implementation Guide complements Standard Operating Procedures for All Dentists by providing video guidance at seven critical steps, to help enthuse, orient, and guide the staff in the preparation of their practice procedures manual. Marsha Freeman, nationally recognized speaker and dental consultant, author of the guide and book, speaks.

The SOPs Video Implementation Guide is a boon to dentists eager to put their procedures manual together and into use quickly but aren't sure how to get the process going or don't have the time to give it full attention.

The video guide contains a straightforward seven-step process that Marsha Freeman uses in her in-office consultations when she explains how to customize the book's examples and guidelines.

In essence, each of the seven segments (running from 6-16 minutes) is shown to your staff on your office video system (or computer, or television), and followed by the respective working session. Each segment explains what the staff is to do, why, and how it fits into the over-all project. It includes some fun too, to make that easier to envision and more enjoyable to do!

The 83-minute presentation builds from the opening three chapters of the SOPs book; provides personal, purposeful contact with the book's author, and injects additional spirit and direction into the process.

SOPs Video Implementation Guide on DVD: $169.00

Total Program Savings!
Save $69 when you buy the Video Implementation Guide together with either SOPs for All Dentists or SOPS for All Pediatric Dentists

If you have previously purchased SOPs for All Dentists or SOPs for all Pediatric Dentists and would now like to purchase the Video Implementation Guide, please contact us first!

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