Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to DCU/MCU?
Marsha Freeman & Associates assumed the publishing rights to all materials published by Dental and Medical Communication Unlimited in late 2006. SOPs Press acquired these rights in 2008. Some of our products will retain the DCU/MCU imprint (as a matter of acquired inventory) until the next editions are published.

What happened to the old site?

The management of was assumed with the publishing rights to DCU/MCU's materials. We have made significant changes in efforts to increase accessability and enhanced functionality. This new site also functions as the online SOPs store as all products detailed here can be purchased with confidence directly from this site using our secure servers provided by

Are the products different now?
Some enhancements have been made to existing products. For example, the SOPs for All Dentists sections now include all introductory material from the main book in an effort to ensure a successful implementation within any department of your practice. Other changes to existing products will similarly be related to usability, such as the issue of Audio Workbooks on CD.

How do I contact Gordon Burgett?
Gordon can be reached via email or by phone at (800) 563-1454. His website is

Are the books available as downloads?
YES! All the main manuals (All Dentists, Get Paid..., SMP, and our newest release: SOPs for Pediatric Dentists, 3rd ed.), plus the sections from All Dentists and the Specialist Supplements are now available as direct downloads from our secure servers. Please see the end of these FAQ regarding our return policy for downloads. The Total Program is also available by downloading the book component and then we ship the Video Implementation Guide seperately: significantly reducing shipping costs.

Can I upgrade from an older edition?
Yes: please contact us for pricing.

How do I edit the SOPs files?
The files can be opened in Microsoft Word and changed as you see fit to meet your needs, limited only by your Word prowess.

How do I change the header/footer on the SOPs?
Again, nothing is locked and all the SOPs can be treated as templates for your project. In Word, double-click the header or footer you wish to edit or select Header/Footer from the View menu drop-down list.

How do I change the spacing so our new SOPs fit?
We used 1" (inch) margins top, bottom, left and right and 11 point Times New Roman for text. Using these settings will replicate the page-form with new documents.

How do I change the numbering of the steps on a SOP?
The "bullets and numbering" feature of Word is cumbersome so we have tried to avoid using it. In those cases you can just insert numbers without affecting the rest. But sometimes we have to use it because we can't maintain decent spacing without it. So if it gets impossible, just highlight the list, go to the Bullets and Numbering option in the drop-down menu for the formatting button and select "None." All the numbers will disappear and the text will line up on the left margin. Then renumber the list and move it back where you want it with the tab button, indent tab-stops or by re-applying a bulleted/numbered style.

Why aren't the pages numbered?
We have penned the like SOPs together by topics or use locations (Bookkeeping, Back Office, etc.), and the only page numbers used are for SOPs with more than one page (see those numbers at the top of successive pages). From feedback from the first edition, we concluded that, after the SOPs had been changed (lengthened or shortened) and some deleted and others added, there was no way to keep any page numbering system intact through the customization process. Numbering the sections independently after revisions are complete is one option, but as systems change and procedures are updated, it is likely to become inaccurate and thus not helpful over time. Keeping an updated ordered section contents list has been found to be the best alternative to traditional page numbering.

Is there an errata?
No. Any errors you will find are minor and will in no way detract from the value of any given SOP or preclude you from correcting them during the customization of that procedure. If only all books allowed the reader such a rewarding outlet for those latent editorial opinions...

Do you offer any support for the SOPs project after we start?

For those offices who wish to accelerate SOPs implementation or have started the process but are having trouble with the logistics of meeting and revising, Marsha Freeman & Associates offers customized book production for any office implementing SOPs. This program can significantly reduce the time commitment while ensuring complete implementation and maximum return on your investment.

I live outside the US, can I order from this site?

YES! We recommend purchasing the electronic or downloadable versions of our printed products because of shipping costs. Please see the next question.

Why is your refund policy different for downloads?

Downloadable content (be it text files or audio and video), while a boon for internet consumers, has proven itself to be transmissible to a fault and particularly problematic for copyrighted materials. We are committed to the convenience of electronic delivery but intent on the control of distribution of our intellectual property (given that our manuals are designed for ease of customization and inherently malleable). By downloading from us (or one of our authorized distibutors, please contact us directly for confirmation) you are assured the product is genuine, complete and fully functional, however no refund can be provided for downloads.

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